Wilsun Xu

Associate Professor

Key words:

EMTP applications and modeling, Power system dynamics, Harmonics, Voltage stability, Power quality

Research description:

  1. Methods to detect and measure harmonic sources and the development of incentive (rate-based) schemes for harmonic management
  2. Determination of network harmonic resonance characteristics and filter locations
  3. harmonic filtering for distributed harmonic sources
  4. Self-tuning harmonic filter and its applications
  5. Contingency selection methods for on-line voltage stability analysis
  6. Methods to quantify the values of reactive power sources for transmission access
  7. On-line system for reactive power management and voltage stability monitoring

Laboratory facilities:


  1. NT workstations (more than 12 at present)
  2. PowerLogic and Dranetz power quality monitors
  3. Experimental instruments (Fluke meters, HP digital scopes, DSP chip programmer etc.)
  4. Labview based data acquisition system
  5. 16Bit, 500kHz, 8 Channel Nicolet data acquisition system (BE 256)


  1. MicroTran EMTP program
  4. Multiphase Harmonic and Load Flow Analysis Program
  5. PSA-D Three-phase Distribution System Analysis Program
  6. PSS/E

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