Paola Verde


Key words:

Harmonics, Power quality, Active filters, Economics, Custom Power

Unlisted key words: Electric Railway Systems

Research description:

Studies on the effects of harmonics on components and equipments have been performed and are till now in progress. These studies, referred to power components like cables, transormers, capacitors, have conducted to proper models able to verify component capability and overload conditions. In particular also an object oriented tool has been imlemented that allows to perform the harmonic analysis of a Mv-LV system in an "user-friendly" platform named CIAO. Studies on economical aspects of harmonic limits are aimed to evidence the link between the standard limits of harmonics and their effects obn components in trems of increased losses, and overall decreased life. The life models of components are developed taking into account thermal and electric stresses on the insulating materials. Experimental activities are performed also on active and hybrid filters with DSP based control. Measuremenrt Campaign at Ansaldo trasporti on high speed locos to evaluate the caused disturbances on feeding power systems by a PC based acquisition systems (8 channels- 400kHz).

Laboratory facilities:

Laboratory of Power Systems (LaSE) of the Industrial Engineering Department at Engineering Faculty of Cassino. Main available facilities:
  • 15 kVA power supply able to reproduce 3-phase voltages with assigned factor of asymmetry and/or harmonics.
  • Risk based acquisition system with 8 channels - 800 kHz.
  • PC based acquisition systems 8 channels-400 kHz
  • AC/DC commercial converters to verify their operation under non-ideal conditions
  • DSP PC Controller board to implement control stategies on power electronic converter one IBM Power PC 640e running at 400 Mhz and one TI's C31 DSP featuring 60 MFlops

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