Leigh Tesfatsion


Iowa State University

260 Heady Hall

Ames, Iowa 50011-1070


Telephone: 515-294-6600

Fax: 515-294-0221


Email address: tesfatsi@iastate.edu  

URL:  http://www.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi

Key words:

Power pricing and marketing, Deregulation, Economics, Computational techniques and Simulation, Artificial Intelligence

Unlisted key words:  Agent-based computational economics

Research description:

1)  Development of an agent-based computational laboratory for studying the economic reliability of market designs for restructured wholesale power markets URL: http://www.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/aelect.htm

2)  Learning and coordination issues in multi-market contexts: An Agent-based modeling approach URL: http://www.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/amulmark.htm

3)  Development and application of a new methodology for the exploration of complex economic systems: Agent-based computational economics (ACE), the computational study of economies modeled as dynamic systems of interacting agents URL: http://www.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/ace.htm

4)  Agent-oriented programming using Repast/Java URL: http://www.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/repastsg.htm

Laboratory facilities:

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