Don Stuehm


Key Words:

transformers, ferroresonance, power quality, motors

Research description:

  • FERRORESONANCE - analyzed ferroresonance conditions in distribution transformers.
  • TRANSFORMER MODELING - developed EMTP models for three-legged and five-legged stacked core transformers and five-legged wound core transformers. Compared model results to measurements.
  • Analyzed WRITTEN-POLE motor in a utility application.

    Lab Facilities:

    Three-phase variable voltage, variable freq, 6KVA source; Torque Meter; 5-legged, 3-legged stacked core distribution transformers; 5-legged wound core distribution transformers; Power Quality Meter; Multi-channel Digital Oscilloscopes; Relays - analog and digital Relay; test equipment; Software for analyzing power electronics, motors, power systems; Various motors - ac, dc, universal 330 V; 10KW dc supply

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