Keyue Smedley

Associate Professor

Key words:

Renewable energy, Custom Power, DC power systems, Power quality

Unlisted key words:
Hi-Fi Class-D Power amplifier, Power Factor correction, Active Power filter, Passive soft-switching for inverters and converters, active soft-switching, One-Cycle control of switching converters

Research description:

A strong mission of the UCI laboratory is to contribute to the success of our industry by providing the latest technology and excellent students. In the mean time, our program relies on support from industry to survive and grow. The following is a list of research areas that may be suitable for collaboration.
  1. Power Factor Correction (PFC) methods for single phase and three phase rectifiers (simple analog control circuit, high reliability, suitable for integration)
  2. Passive and active lossless snubbers for converters and inverters (any converter topology, reverse recovery control, solve shoot-through problem, reduce heatsink, increase efficiency).
  3. High fidelity class-D power amplifier (does not need regulated DC supply, 20kHz bandwidth, 0.07% maximum THD+N measured under 15%power supply ripple condition, no need to match the switching components, good for massive production).
  4. Cross regulation of switching power supply with multiple outputs, simple and passive circuit with no/low additional cost.
  5. Active power filter to achieve unity power factor and low harmonic distortion with a simple one-cycle control based analog control circuit. (suitable for a large system, one filter at the input will fix the input current of the whole system).
  6. Power conversion for alternative energy sources, such as solar cells, fuel cells, fusion reactors, wind power, etc.
  7. Current pulse power supplies for laser applications.
  8. High efficiency power supply design.

Laboratory facilities:

The Power Electronics Laboratory at University of California, Irvine, is a modern research facility. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art instrumentation for design, simulation, layout, prototyping, and testing of switching converters and analog/digital circuits. The research in the Power Electronics Laboratory at UCI involves modeling, control, topologies, and integration of switching converters, inverters, class-D power amplifiers, soft switching techniques, single-phase and three-phase power factor correction methods, power conversion for alternative energy sources, etc.

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