Gerald Sheble'


Key words:

Deregulation, Economics, Operations, Power pricing and marketing, Risk assessment.

Research description:

Gerald B. Sheble's industrial experience includes over fifteen years with a public utility, a research and development firm, a computer vendor and a consulting firm. Dr. Sheble' has participated in functional definition, analysis and design of applications for Energy Management Systems. He has developed and implemented data mining software for the healthcare industry, now licensed to 3M/PACE Healthcare Management. His consulting experience includes significant projects with over forty companies. He has developed and implemented one of the first electric energy market simulators for EPRI using genetic algorithms to simulate competing players. He conducts numerous seminars on optimization, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, genetic programming and electric power deregulation around the world. He has been awarded over one million dollars of research support over the last ten years, primarily application of adaptive agents to market bidding. His research interests include ANNs, genetic algorithms/programming, and optimization for various industrial applications.

Laboratory Facilities:

The London Power Computer Lab at Iowa State University consists of 14 unix based machines and 5 pentium personal computers. An additonal 30 unix based SGI coputers are available for research and development. All of these machines are jointly used by the 28+ graduate students in the power program.

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