Tapan Saha

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Key words:

Deregulation, Power system dynamics, Transformers, Power system planning, Power quality

Unlisted key words: Condition monitoring of electrical plants with particular emphasis to transformers and underground cables.

Research description:

  • Condition assessment and life prediction of aged transformers and underground cables based on modern dielectric tests.
  • Power Quality measurement and simulation
  • Power systems analysis: voltage stability, long term dynamics, reliability analysis
  • Pricing and deregulation issues of electricity market
  • Power system planning

    Laboratory facilities:

  • Modern diagnostic instrumentation for transformer and underground cable condition assessment (Recovery voltage measurement, Polarisation depolarisation current measurement, Frequency domain dielectric spectroscopy)
  • Power Quality Monitoring device (BMI 8010 PQNODE), PSCAD/EMTDC software
  • PSS/E, Powerworld, MatLab tool boxes, CRUISE (reliability analysis tool) and Power Factory softwares for power systems simulation.
  • 300 kV AC set, 600 kV impulse generator, 100 kA lightning impulse current generator, 10 kA multiple pulse lightning current generator, Schering Bridge and many other related measurement systems.

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