Alexandre Rocco

UNISANTA - Santa Cecilia University

Oswaldo Cruz 156, Street, Santos, SP, Brazil

Santos, São Paulo



Telephone: 55- 013 32027100

Fax: 55-13 32345297


Email address:


Key words:

Power quality, Power system operation, Harmonics, Ancillary Services, EMTP applications and modeling

Research description:

The more important research line is in the electrical power quality area as harmonics, Flicker, voltage sag´s and swell and assimetrical operation conditions.

We have another research line in Electrical Transistors in Power System in cooperation to electrical power utilities.

And finally another important area is in Electrical Power System Operation in dynamics and stade state conditions, ancillary services and integration of dispersed generation.

Laboratory facilities:

The Electrical Power System Lab, of Santa Cecilia University - UNISANTA has several facilities to use simulations softwares as ATP, Power Flow, Short Circuit and others. Also the lab has several kinds of adequate equipments to study and research in electrical machines area in the dynamics and stade state power systems operation conditions. This Lab is a special lab to electrical power system education and research in the graduate and post graduate level.

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