Pragasen Pillay

Newell Distinguished Prof

Key Words:

motors, motor drives, power quality

Research description:

Large process industry motor drive performance and power quality analysis. Efficiency of switched reluctance and permanent magnet motor drives for utility applications. Operation of motors in industrial plants exposed to voltage dips and discontinuities. Effects of supply discontinuities on motors and drives. Potential for increased efficiency of motors and drives in the chemical and process industries. Customized DSM Programs High power density motor drives for maritime applications. Precise position control of a sensor. Evaluation and design of switched reluctance motor drives for electrical actuation. Power quality study of an ungrounded electronically supplied distribution system. Operation of induction machines in the presence of unbalanced supplies. Noise calculation and reduction in switched reluctance motors. Equipment to allow practical investigations into shipboard power systems. Research in hybrid electric vehicles.

Laboratory Facilities:

7.5 hp dynamometer, specialized motors and drives (switched reluctance, permanent magnet), high speed and bandwidth torque sensors, high speed digital oscilloscope, power electronic converters to drive induction machines, switched reluctance machines, permanent magnet machines, design and analysis software like EE designer, autocad, PSPICE, Saber.

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