Kraig Olejniczak


Key words:

electric power quality, power system harmonics, active power filters , power electronics packaging.

Other key words: voltage flicker

Research description:

Dr. Olejniczak's research interests are in: the use of fast real transforms for electric power quality assessment, electric power quality in general with an emphasis in reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering, and power electronics packaging. He has two patents pending in the latter area. Dr. Olejniczak has performed research work for NSF, EPRI, NASA, DoD and other federal agencies. Since 1994 he has been the recipient of: the NSF Research Initiation Award, the Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineering Outstanding Faculty Award, the Dept. of ELEG Halliburton Outstanding Researcher Award, Texas Instruments Outstanding Researcher Award, and the College of Engineering's Phillips Petroleum Outstanding Faculty Award. He is also the recipient of the Power Engineering Society's 1998 Walter Fee Outstanding Young Engineer Award. Dr. Olejniczak is a registered professional engineer in the State of Arkansas.

Laboratory Facilities:

Dr. Olejniczak has a distribution system electric power quality laboratory. In this lab, computer modelling, simulation, and analysis of electric power quality problems are performed using ATP, Superharm, etc. The main piece of hardware worth noting is a high-power, three-phase arbitrary waveform generator (600 V, 35 A) used to produce single-phase and three-phase balanced and unbalanced voltage and current harmonics, voltage sags, etc. This piece of equipment is useful and available for many research applications.

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