Juan_Jose Mora


Technological University Of Pereira

Vda. La Julita

Pereira, Risaralda


Telephone: (0X6) 3212044

Fax: (0X6) 3212044

Email address: jjmora@utp.edu.co

URL: http://www.utp.edu.co/

Key words:

Distribution systems, Protection, Power quality

Unlisted key words: Restoration Strategies, Fault Location

Research description:

Hybrid fault location algorithms for distribution systems
The algorithms are based on both: a) the model of the system, and b) the knowledge extracted from the measurements, and from the protective devices. This approach overcomes the traditional fault section estimation methods, solving the multiple estimation problem based in measurements at the substation.

Sags characterization and classification -
Feature extraction from voltage sags registered in a distribution substation to achieve the diagnosis task. These features will be used as inputs of a classification algorithm; to obtain classes which are related to the power system response under fault situation. The obtained classes will be related to classical algorithmic methods for fault location. The goal is to associate the voltage sag registers with the location of its cause.

Restoration strategies on transmission substations:
This research is aimed to improve the power service indexes by means of speed up the utility response to fault conditions. As a result of this project the under-fault procedures and contingency guides were developed. Under-fault procedures are oriented to help utility operators and technicians to restore the service under conditions of non-destructive faults. Contingency plans are oriented to be a practical guide under conditions of destructive faults in breakers and transformers.

Laboratory facilities:

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