Yilu (Ellen) Liu

Associate Professor

Key words:

Transformers, Power quality, Artificial Intelligence, High voltage engineering, Power electronics

Unlisted key words: EMTP/EMTDC Modeling and analysis, Harmonics, Computer animations, FACTs and SMES, Power equipment Modeling

Research description:

Research include Transformer Fault Dignosis, Transients, Harmonics from DC Biased Three-Phase Transformer saturation, Harmonics Modeling and Simulation, ANN and Expert System Tool for Transformer Fault Diagnosis, PD Monitor System for Power Generators, Modelling of Drives for Power System Harmonic Analysis, Power equipment modeling, High voltage engineering, Power quality and power system harmonics, Finite element magnetic field analysis, Power equipment sensing and diagnostics, Pattern recognition and signal processing, Calculation of Electric Field and Audible, Computer Animations in Undergraduate Education

Laboratory facilities:

The Power System Laboratory :

The laboratory has facilities to perform various measurements as well as instruments for data acquisition and control tasks this include high performance digital scopes, HP Network Analyzer, Arbitrary waveform generator, power quality and harmonic measurement instruments, Electromagnetic field measurement instrument and a modern power system transient simulator. It is equipped with a set of GPS satellite receivers and precise measurement systems using the timing signal provided by these satellites. The lab has several PCs and Sun workstations, and our research software includes EMTP, EMTDC, Saber, Ansoft, ETMSP, MATLAB, Mathematica, etc. The laboratory supports research and training of graduate as well as undergraduate students. The laboratory is located in Whittemore Hall (the Electrical Engineering Building) and will have unlimited availability to various research projects.

Power System Protection Laboratory

The protection lab is capable of offering both software and hardware experiments for power system protection. It is equipped with instrumentation of current, voltage and power & energy, and several relay testing devices such as the Doble relay testing systems.

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