James Kokernak

Assistant Professor

Key words:

Power electronics, Electric machines, Power quality.

Research description:

Research interests deal with high power quality, efficient energy generation systems and the problems associated with their implementation. Such systems include advanced electric machines, solar photovoltaics and fuel cells coupled to a power electronic interface for power quality correction. The problems associated with these "distributed generation units" deal with EMI effects on control and communications, efficient circuit and device packaging and load management. Recent research has primarily involved the design and control of conventional and improved switched reluctance motor (SRM) technology and its application to wind turbines, adjustable speed drives and electric vehicle applications.

Laboratory Facilities:

Our power electronics laboratory is equipped with adequate single- and three-phase power to perform development work on systems requiring as much as 100kW. A variety of electric machines support work on motor and generator drives up to the 75kW level. The laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment. Our digital oscilloscopes support high bandwidths (up to 2GHz on repetitive signals), computer communication and control, and specialized measurements such as signal decomposition (FFT and Fourier Series).

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