Mladen Kezunovic


Key words:

Artificial Intelligence, Control systems, Power quality, Protection, EMTP applications and modeling,

Other key words: Power Engineering Education, Synchronized sampling,Wide area disturbance monitoring and control

Research description:

The following reasearch areas are of interest: Automated analysis of faults using recorded and simulated data;Advanced tools for Power Quality assessment;Application of synchronized sampling to fault location and system monitoring;New protective relaying algorithms;Real-time and open-loop digital power system simulators;Use of modeling and simulation in enhancing power engineering education;New monitoring, control and protection methods for wide area disturbances. As a result of the research, several commercial products were implemented in the past:Expert system software for automated analysis of Digital Fault Recorder (DFR)data, Real-time and open loop digital simulators for relay testing,fault locator based on synchronized sampling. The research covers both fundamental and application issues.

Laboratory facilities:

The Laboratory for Control and Protection of Power Systems is equiped with digital simulators for relay testing and evaluation, a number of protective relays and relaying systems, and advanced modeling and simulation tools for relay testing and evaluation. Details of the lab are given at Besides the control and protection lab, there is a Power Quality Lab equiped with a variety of recording and analysis instruments and software tools. In addition, a Voltage sag generator of high output power is available. Finally, a Power Engineering lab is also available for general power engineering education uses. The lab is equiped with 16 PCs, all connected via LAN to a server. The PCs and server are populated with a number of commercial and custom software packages for power system analysis and protective relaying studies.

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