Gerald Heydt

Professor, Center director

Key words:

Power quality, Power Systems, Distribution engineering, Power electronics,, Computer applications.

Research description:

Dr. Heydt has done research work primarily in the area of electric power quality and distribution engineering. He is a co-author of the HARMFLO harmonic power flow study software. He has worked in the following related areas recently: applications of wavelets in power quality assessment; applications of chaos theory in power engineering; applications of advanced signal processing in power quality data analysis; development of voltage conditioning hardware (e.g., the TVR, the DVR) and their analysis; bus voltage sags; instrumentation of power quality; use of the global positioning satellite in transmission circuit instrumentation (e.g., measurement of overhead transmission line sag). Dr. Heydt is also the center director for the center for the Advanced Control of Energy and Power Systems, an NSF supported center devoted to power engineering.

Laboratory Facilities:

Arizona State University has the following power engineering laboratories: power electronics lab; cables lab; power systems and computer applications lab; high voltage engineering lab; and dielectric testing and non-ceramic insulator lab. Also, we have a power system instrumentation laboratory. There is a general purpose electronics laboratory which the power group shares with other groups.

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