Ibrahim Habiballah

Associate Professor

Key words:

Power system operation, High voltage engineering, Power system planning, Power quality, State estimation

Research description:

  1. Environmental Effect On Polymer Insulators Properties.
  2. Evaluation of Strategic Master Plan for Restructuring and Commercializing the Saudi Electricity Sector.
  3. Voltage Dip Problems in the Jubail Industry Area, audi arabia.
  4. The benefits of Interconnecting MAYS with SCECO West in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Fast Algorithm for Observability Analysis of Power System State Estimation Networks.
  6. Harmonic And Voltage Flicker Levels At An Industrial Facility in saudi Arabia.
  7. Observability Analysis for State Estimation Using Linear Programming.
  8. Inspection of 8 HV Insulator Test Sites to Assess Their Current Conditions.
  9. Refinery Residue Reduction with Three Power Generation Options for Saudi Aramco.
  10. Magnetic Field Management Techniques in Transmission Underground Cables.
  11. Frequency Conversion at the Military Factory Complex in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

Laboratory facilities:

A HV Lab is built in accordance with the international IEC-507 standards. The purpose of the lab is to carry out type, research, special and routine test of electrical equipment up to 250 kV phase to ground voltage. The major tests, which can be done at the Lab, are:

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