Vic Gosbell


Key words:

Power quality, Harmonics, Distribution systems, Power electronics, Motor drives

Research description:

Development of power quality monitoring methodologies, including monitor placement, disturbance characterisation, benchmarking indices, reporting practices and database design. Harmonic management of distribution systems, including stochastic modelling and application of harmonic standards. Testing techniques for equipment power quality emission and immunity.

Laboratory facilities:

  1. 10 kVA waveform generator with transient overcurrent capability of 250 Apeak for testing 415 V three phase and 240 V single phase equipment and instruments for up to 40% THD and 20th harmonic, for unbalanced 3-phase voltages, voltage sags and rapid voltage changes
  2. PQ and harmonic monitoring instruments
  3. Conducted EMI measuring equipment (three-phase, 64 A) and near-field probes
  4. 100 kW, 3000rpm, 1000Nm 4-quadrant motor load with in-line torque transducer used as a dynamic dynamometer

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