Girish Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor

Key words:

Electric machinery, Harmonics, Motor drives

Unlisted key words: Multi-phase (more than 3 phases) machines and drives

Research description:

I have been engaged in teaching and research for last 10 years. I worked on 'optimized design of armature windings for 3-phase induction machine for effective utilization of supply waveform' for my dissertation (Ph.D.) work. Three projects on Multi-phase induction and synchronous machines sponsored by Govt. of India has been successfully completed. One research project on hormonics is under progress. I have auhtored one book entitled "CAD of otpimum converter-motor pair for induction drive". In this book an unique and simple novel approach has been suggested to design an energy efficient converter- motor pair with least ecomonical cost. I have been awarded Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya Memorial medal by the Institution of Engineers (India) in 1999 for the best research paper in 1997-98.

Laboratory facilities:

We have the best laboratory for electrical machines in India. Our machine laboratories include drives lab, PG Lab, Junior Machine lab I & II, Senior Machine Lab. Multi-phase machines are the attraction of these laboratories.

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