Byung-Moon Han


Key words:

Power electronics, Custom Power, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Inverters, Active filters

Unlisted key words: STATCOM, SSSC, UPFC, UPQC, VSC-HVDC

Research description:

1. Interaction analysis of FACTS devices with the power system using scaled-hardware model.
2. Application of soft-switching current-source inverter for the STATCOM.
3. Application of multi-bridge inverters for the SSSC, UPFC.
4. Power factor and harmonics correct for the diode rectifier using soft-switching dc-dc converter.
5. Power factor and harmonics correct for the PWM semi-converter with two input sensors.
6. 50kW UPQC(unified power quality conditioner) system with energy storage.

Laboratory facilities:

Programmable Three-Phase AC Power Source (6kW); BMI Power Quality Analyzer; Lecroy 4-Channel Color Oscilloscope; Hardware Simulator for Power Gerneration and Transmission; Hardware Simulator for Distributed Power Gerneration; Inverter Set for Power Quality Compensators; Inverter Set for FACTS Devices; TMS320C31/33 DSP Boards; Simulation Software: PSPICE, MATLAB/Simulink, EMTDC;

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