El Sayed Tag ELdin

Cairo University

Faculty of Engineering

Cairo, Egypt

Giza, Cairo

Egypt 12613

Telephone: (+2012) 218-1019

Fax: +2025723486

Email address: stageldin@ieee.org


Key words:

Protection, Power quality, Risk assessment, Artificial Intelligence, Signal processing

Research description:

·  Electric Fields Near Power Lines-Effect Of Electric Of The Ground

·  A neuro-fuzzy inference approach for assessment of exposure to power lines electric field

·  Risk Assessment of Exposure to Power Lines Electric Fields

·  Size and location optimization of Capacitors

·  Application Of The Minimal Radial Basis Neural Network To Fault Classification And Faulty Phase Identification On Egyptian 500 kV Transmission System

·  A New Algorithm For The Classification Of Different Transient Phenomena In Power Transformers Combining Wavelet Transform And Fuzzy Logic

·  A Novel Approach For Classifying Transient Phenomena In Power Transformers

·  A Wavelet Technique for Directional Protection for EHV Transmission Lines with Series Compensation

·  Detection and Magnitude Characterization of Voltage Disturbances using Wavelet Transforms

·  Probabilistic Evaluation of Harmonics with Randomly Varying Nonlinear Loads

·  Statistical Assessment Of Random Harmonic Levels In Systems With Varying Adjustable Speed Drive Loads

·  An Integrated Approach for Fault Location on Egyptian 500 kV Transmission System

·  An FPGA implementation for detection Characterization of Power Quality Problems using Wavelet Transforms.

Laboratory facilities:

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