A. (Rahim) El-Keib


Key words:

Power system operation, Economics, Optimization Artificial Intelligence

Research description:

My research interests include power system operations and economics, optimization, and applications of artificial intelligence to solve power system problems. The following are genral descriptions of projects which I have worked on in the last 5 years: several projects investigating the impact of the new enregy policy and environmental policies on system operations, pricing or power in a de-regulated environment, maintenance scheduling, load forecasting using time-series analysis, artificial neural networks, fuzzy neural networks, distribution system analysis and Volt/Var control on radial distribution systems.

The above work has been for the most part done in collaboration with a large electric utility in the Southeast using actual data on the utility's large scale power system.

Laboratory Facilities:

I have a power systems simulation laboratory. It includes:

-Two IBM RISC6000 workstations and 9 Pcs.
-Power system analysis Software tools that can solve Load flow, Optimal power flow, Unit Commitment on large scale power systems.
-Load forecasting software using artifitial neural networks and
-time-series analysis.
-Software to perform load flow analysis, optimal capacitor placement on primary distribution feeders.

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