Alex Domijan, Jr.

Associate Professor and Director

Key words:

Power Quality, Power Electronics, Instrumentation,

Unlisted key words: Power Systems.

Research description:

In one study research is conducted in obtaining a body of relative and accurate data which can be used to define instrument type, specifications and use that will result in accurately measuring nonsinusoidal volts, current, watts, and watt-hours into the solid state power supply of variable speed drive systems. Another study examines the effect of harmonics and unbalance on revenue meters. Another study determines the effect of electric vehicles on distribution systems via field monitoring, lab testing and simulations. Other studies related to PQ are in the areas of power definitions, energy effiency, harmonic mitigation, ASDs, solid-state ballasts. Other work is in heiarchical control of FACTS, and custom power,and in Flexible, Reliable, Intelligent, Electric eNergy Delivery Systems (FRIENDS). Work is conducted in system technologies which can contribute to unbundled power quality services.

Laboratory Facilities:

The Power Quality and Power Electronics Laboratory is a unique facility with the capability of producing computer controlled real-world arbitrary waveforms via high power synchronized three-phase voltages and currents to study, design, and test (for efficiency, swell, sag, harmonics, unbalance, etc.) such power system elements as meters, relays, transformers, EV's, lights, motors and drives, etc. This power generation equipment is integrated through the labs communications network with high speed data acquisition systems. Furthermore, six portable data acquisition systems can be used for field work and any location worldwide. State-of-the-art computer packages are also available to compliment empirical work and for simulations of complete power system networks.

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