Julio Barros

Associate Professor

University of Cantabria

Dept. Electronic and Computers. Avenida de los Castros.

Santander, Cantabria



Telephone: +34 942201355

Fax: +34 942201303


Email address: barrosj@unican.es  

Key words:

Power quality, Harmonics, Instrumentation

Unlisted key words: inter-harmonics, voltage dips

Research description:

The following research areas are of interest: Measurement of power quality disturbances in power systems (harmonics, inter-harmonics, flicker and voltage dips). Effect of power quality disturbances on equipment. Harmonic and reactive power compensation in power systems using active power filters with DSP based control.

Laboratory facilities:

Our laboratory is equipped with: Power quality analyzer, Harmonic/Flicker test system, Programmable a.c. power source, PC based data acquisition systems, DSP PC data acquisition boards, Hardware/software DSP development tools.

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