Max Anderson


University of Missouri - Rolla

Electrical and Computer Eng. Dept

1870 Miner Circle

Rolla, MO 65409-004

Telephone: 573-341-4552

Fax: 573-341-6671


Email address:  


Key words:

power systems, economics, operations, deregulation, ATC, graphic applications,

Research description:

  • Economic assessment of Energy Storage for the utility side,
  • Renewable energy sources,
  • Design Visualization for operation/dispatching.
  • Determination of available transmission capacity (ATC).

Laboratory Facilities:

Computer Learning Center with over 50 pentium PC's plus software for design and modeling of utility systems.

Emerson Machines and Drives Lab. with 5 stations for student labs. plus 1 station for research. Each station has a 20 hp dynamometer plus test motors of 5 hp each, which facilitate experiments on dc, induction and synchronous machines. Transducers feed measurement data into the station PC for analysis and plotting of characteristic curves.

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