Jian-Chun Peng


Hunan University

Department of Electrical Engineering, Changsha, HN 410082, China

Changsha, Hunan

P R China



Telephone: +86 731 8821092

Fax: +86 731 8821092


Email address: jcpeng@hnu.cn


Key words:

Economics, Power system operation, Stability, Optimization, Nonlinear systems

Research description:

Value Analysis of security and stability in power system operation.

Optimization of the generation schedule in a competitive environment.

Deepgoing mechanisms and novel definitions of power system stabilities.

Optimal power flow and its applications in electricity markets.

Risk management for power producers and traders.

Actual Path of flowing power in electric networks.

Analyzing of nonlinear quantities in electric networks.

Power quality analysis and control.

Laboratory facilities:

Hunan University has the following power engineering laboratories: dynamic simulation lab equipped with three physical machines and control systems; traction-used three-to-two-winding power transformer design and test lab; high voltage engineering lab; power systems and computer applications lab.

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