Peter Lehn

Associate Professor

University of Toronto

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Toronto, On


M5S 3G4


Telephone: (416)946-5355

Fax: (416)971-2325


Email address:  


Key words:

Power electronics, Harmonics, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), DC power systems, Renewable energy

Research description:

1. Design, modelling and control of power electronic systems for medium and high power applications.

2. Development of control harware for rapid prototyping of power electronic systems and drives.

3. Piecewise linear modelling of converters and harmonic analysis of converters.

4. Modelling of wind generating system, experimental systems for laboratory testing of wind generating systems, control of wind generating systems for reduced grid impact.

Laboratory facilities:

Power electronics laboratory with test facilities up to 600V and 100kVA.

Modular converter systems including DC-DC converters, VSIs, CSIs, Thyristor bridges, and resonant converters. Electric drive systems.

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