Nand Kishore

Assistant Professor

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology

MNNIT Campus


Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh




Telephone: 0091-532-2271411



Email address:


Key words:

Power quality, Motor drives, Intelligent systems, Power system operation, High DC voltage engineering
Unlisted keywords:

Research description:

         Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Power System, mainly in power plant control

         Identification, Modelling and Control approaches / algorithms

         Integration of Conventional Control theories with Artificial Intelligence techniques / algorithms

         Model development of wireless sensor networks

         Renewable energy sources

Laboratory facilities:

Power System Simulation Laboratory: This lab was established mainly to undertake major research projects in Power System Simulation and Evaluation Studies. The facility includes a well-equipped Computer Network with state of the art software tools. It has facility to interface with real Systems as well, and currently this lab is used by few Postgraduate Researchers in addition to my work.

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