Wei-Jen Lee

Associate Professor

Key words:

Artificial Neural Networks, Power electronics, Available Transfer Capability, Voltage stability, Instrumentation

Research description:

  1. PC-PLC Based Real-Time Power Systems Dynamic Performance Monitoring System.
  2. Microcomputer Based Intelligent Distance Relay for Underground Transmission Lines Protection
  3. Microcomputer Based Capacitor Bank Failure Early Warning System
  4. Microcomputer Based Disturbance Detection Relay
  5. The Feasibility Study of AC Interconnection Between Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)and Southwest Power Pool (SPP)
  6. Neural Network Based Open Main Detection and Location in an Underground Distribution Network
  7. Neural Network Based Short-Term Load Forecasting
  8. Neural Network Based Arcing Fault Detection in an Underground Distribution Network
  9. On-Line Dynamic Stability Monitoring System
  10. Power Quality and the Performance of Three-Phase Induction Motors
  11. Grounding Techniques and Induced Surge Voltage on the Control Signal Cables
  12. Transient Response of a Capacitor Coupled Voltage Transformer (CCVT)
  13. Utility Deregulation and Its Impact on Industrial Power Systems Wheeling Charge Calculation
  14. System Security and Available Transfer Capability
  15. Reactive Source Planning and Voltage Stability Margin

Laboratory Facilities:

The Power Systems Simulation Laboratory at the University of Texas at Arlington is a scaled-down three-phase physical model which correlates well with the important components of a real power system. Its configuration is sufficient to simulate significant system behavior, such as transient and dynamic stability phenomena and all forms of steady-state operation phenomena. This laboratory is equipped with a commercial grade SCADA system, three motor-generator, equivalent to 900 miles of 345-kV transmission lines, a full complement of solid state protective relays, and a high speed data recorder. This laboratory provides unique opportunity for research, undergraduate/graduate education, and continuing education.

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