Alan Wallace


Key words:

Electric machinery, Motor drives, Renewable energy, Power electronics, Wind Energy

Unlisted key words:
Testing of motors, drives and generators: 1hp to 300hp; Power supply upto 750 kVA

Research description:

  • Wind-Turbine Generators,
  • Variable-Frequency Drives,
  • Magnetic Coupling Systems,
  • Insulation Breakdown,
  • Power Quality --- ASD ride-through,
  • Effects of VFD on Motors: bearings, insulation, emi etc

    Laboratory facilities:

    The Motor Systems Resource Facility (MSRF) (jointly funded by EPRI and BPA) has a 750 kVA dedicated service and test platforms capable of testing motors and generators from fractional horsepower to 300hp (this is probably the highest rating power facility in any university in North America) Also the laboratory contains a 120kVA fully programmable source for investigation of non-sinusoidal waveforms and voltage collapse brownout and similar power quality problems.

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