Vijal Vittal


Key words:

Dynamics, Control, Security Assessment, Robust Stability.

Research description:

Professor Vittal's Research work in the last 5 years has been in the area of Power System Dynamic Security Assessment and Control. His major contribution has been in the development of the Transient Energy Function Method as a tool for Dynamic Security Assessment. This tool is currently being developed under an EPRI sponsored project at the Northern State Power Co. in Minneapolis , MN. Dr. Vittal's other efforts have been in the area of application of the Mehod of Normal Forms to Power Systems. This is a technique well established in nonlinear dynamical system theory. It allows for the systematic simplification of nonlinear systems. This technique effectively characterizes structural characterisics of the system and has the capability to detect nonlinear modal interaction. Dr. Vittal's recent efforts have been in the area of application of robust control methods to power systemsand in the development of risk based analysis of power system security.

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