Hamid Toliyat

Associate Professor

Key words:

Electric machinery, Electric vehicles, Motor drives, Digital Signal Processing, Power electronics

Unlisted key words:
Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis

Research description:

Multi-phase variable speed drives for propulsion applications, Design of novel electric machines with high specific torque, Condition Monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric machines, Sensorless control of electric machines, Low cost motor drives for appliances, PWM effects on electric machinery and their mitigation techniques, Single phase motor drives, Bidirectional and unidirectional brushless permanent magnet motors.

Laboratory facilities:

Electric Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory (EMPE) under Dr. Toliyat supervision is equipped with the state of the art electric machinery testbeds including single phase, three phase, and five phase induction and synchronous reluctance machines, brushless dc and synchronous permanent magnet motor drive test beds with two, three, and four phases, and also switched reluctance motor drive testbed. All these testbed are equipped with the state-of-the art DSP boards. Computational tools include Maxwell finite element, Matlab/Simulink, Pspice and SABER packages.

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