Assistant Professor

Key words:

Power electronics

Research description:

We are currently working on undergraduate research/ projects in resonant power converters, switching inverters, HVDC transmission model, dc-dc converters, integration of Lab-view driven programs for power signal analysis and measurements. Future plan involves activities in development of FACTS controllers.

Laboratory facilities:


Six Siemens single-phase 1-HP AC Drives
Six Baldor Three-Phase 1-HP Induction Motors
Six Baldor 1/3-HP DC Motors
Six Baldor Three-phase AC Drives
Six Baldor DC Drives
Seven units of Rantec's dc-dc converters
Seven Compumotor's stepper motor controllers
Various power switches such as power diodes, power thyristors, MOSFETs, IGBTs, Triacs.

Other equipment:

Portable scopes, Current Probe Amplifiers, PCI-DAQ cards, Pulse generators, Dual Power Supplies Six INTEL Pentium III 700MHz with 17" monitor, 1 HP Laserjet 4 Plus printer, Six lab/working benches.


Matlab, PSpice with Power Electronics Library, Mathcad, LabView, SwitcherCAD

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