Shanti Swarup

Assistant Professor

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Sciecne Block, ESB-245-D

CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu



Telephone: 0091-44-2257-4440

Fax: 0091-44-2257-0509


Email address:  


Key words:

Power system operation, Security assessment, Deregulation, Intelligent systems, Computational techniques and Simulation

Unlisted key words:  Data mining,  Decision Trees

Research description:

·  Mathematical methods of optimization to power systems.

·  Interior point method, Gradient and Newton methods.

·  Application to Power System Economic Disoatch, Unit Commitment, Optimal Power Flow, Power System Security

·  Computational Intelligence and soft computing for power systems

·  Power system automation and energy management systems

Laboratory facilities:

Hardware Facilities

·  Power System Automation

·  Web-Based Monitoring

·  Digital Protection using DSP.


·  Latest versions of



·  Power World Simulator Vr 10.0

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