Anurag Srivastava

Assistant Research Professor

Mississippi State University

216 Simrall Hall, Hardy Road

Mississippi State, MS 39762


Telephone: 662-325-5838

Fax: 662-325-2298


Email address:  


Key words:

Power system operation, Voltage stability, Security assessment, Deregulation, Artificial Intelligence

Research description:

1. Real time hardware in the loop test using Simulink and Labview real time software.

2. Study of interconnection benefits, strategies and impact of biomass distributed generation on the electric power grid funded by Department of Energy

3. Agent based modeling for power system reconfiguration for electric ship power system

4. Online stability index using synchronized phasor measurement and its application to electric ship power system

5. Identified vulnerability of power system to malicious attack by finding the severity of combination of two, three, four or more contingencies

6. Developed new search strategies to narrow down the number of potential sever contingencies in search space based on eigenvector

7. Developed novel contingency screening algorithms for voltage-collapse studies of generator and branch outage

8. Developed control algorithm for Phase shifters to match the actual operation strategies

9. Designed model for deregulating Indian power sector


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