Raymond Shoults

Professor and Chairman

Key words:

Available transfer capability, Economic Dispatch, Power system operation, Voltage stability, Security assessment,

Other key words:
Automatic Generation Control, Power System Simulators

Research description:

Involved in research related to new approaches to Automatic Generation Control (AGC). Developed digital simulators for power system blackstart training involving both power plant operators and transmission/distribution dispatchers. Current research includes development of new AGC methods related to new NERC Control Performance Standards (CPS1 and CPS2).

Laboratory facilities:

A small scale physical based power system laboratory is used. It consists of three M-G sets witha total capacity of 20kW, a commercial Energy Management System, transmission protective relaying, generation protective relaying, and some distribution protective relaying. Over 1000 miles of double circuit three-phase transmission lines are modeled using air-core coils. A digital powwer system simulator is also available for both undergraduate and graduate use.

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