Kuang Sheng

Assistant Professor

Rutgers University

94 Brett Road

piscataway, NJ 08854


Telephone: 732-445-3392

Fax: 732-445-2820

Email address: ksheng@ece.rutgers.edu  


Key words:

Power electronics, Motor drives

Unlisted key words:  SiC power device,  power integration,  characterization

Research description:

Main interests on the following.

1. SiC power device (diodes, FETs, BJTs) fabrication, characterization
2. SiC device based DC/DC converter, inverter
3. Power integration
4. motor drive system

Laboratory facilities:

1. 3,500 sq. ft. cleanroom facility for SiC power device fabrication in SiCLAB
2. Device characterization up to 20kV, 200A, 250C
3. Device application in DC/DC converter, inverters of 5kW and beyond

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