Stephen A. Sebo


Key words:

High voltage engineering, Electromagnetics

Other Key Words:
electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic field effects, high voltage insulators, overvoltages, power systems.

Research description:

Electric and magnetic field distribution studies, scale model studies of electric and magnetic field effects in AC and HVDC stations, magnetic field shielding, corona effects of AC and DC transmission systems, polymer insulator performance evaluation, fog chamber studies for insulator aging, performance of aircraft during lightning strokes, ground return current distribution along power lines considering tower grounding, transient response of large transformers, magnetic field strength calculation of large air-core reactors, power frequency AC sparkover voltage studies, electromagnetic compatibility studies.

Laboratory Facilities:

High voltage laboratory (AC - up to 250 kVrms, DC - up to 150 kV, surge generator - up to 1000 kV, Tesla transformer - up to 2.5 million volts), scale model laboratory, magnetic shielding evaluation facility.

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