Eugeniusz Rosolowski


Key words:

Protection, Digital Signal Processing, EMTP applications and modeling, Fault analysis, Artificial Intelligence

Unlisted key words: Power Engineering Education, Fault detection and classification

Research description:

The following research areas are of interest: New protective relaying algorithms; Fault location in transmission (conventional as well as SC) and distribution lines, Digital power system simulators; Application of digital modeling and simulation to enhancing power engineering education; Advanced methods for Power Quality assessment, New methods for fault detection and classification, Protection of distributed generation. The research covers both fundamental and application issues.

Laboratory facilities:

The Laboratory for Control and Protection of Power Systems setup consists of digital simulators for relay testing and evaluation, OMICRON, phisical model of MV network for relay testing, a number of protective relays and relaying systems, and advanced modeling and simulation tools for relay testing and evaluation. Other equipment includes computers, DSP, and measuring devices for real time on-line control and protection work.

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