Hans-Detlef Pannhorst

Akademischer Rat

Key words:

Computational techniques and Simulation, Power system dynamics, Graphics and visualization, Power system operation, Protection

Unlisted key words: Power Engineering Education

Research description:

  • Power system simulation
  • Development of simulation tools (NETOMAC and NEVA)
  • Real time simulation
  • Closed loop real time test of relays and controllers (DINEMO)
  • Development of graphical user interfaces (NETDRAW)
  • Free education tools for students (NETDRAW and LAKU)
  • Monitoring protection algorithms for distance relays

    Laboratory facilities:

  • Laboratory for real time test of protection relays and controllers using simulation tool NETOMAC and digital network model DINEMO.
  • Power engineering lab consisting of 8 PCs with simulation software and GUI (NETOMAC, LAKU, NETDRAW) for research and education studies.

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