John Palmer

Assistant Professor

Key Words:

Transformers, Substation Monitoring

Unlisted key words: Liquid Dielectrics, Streaming, Electrification, Power Engineering Education

Research description:

Present research includes the development of an optical diagnostic sensor for the monitoring of electric power transformers. This has entailed the accelerated aging of transformer oil and testing utilizing a wide variety of techniques. A recently completed project utilized a new technology for ultrasonic inspection of ground-mat risers, in which the acoustic impulse is electromagnetically coupled into the conductor. Building on that same technology, a newly initiated project, being undertaken in collaboration with two of my colleagues, seeks a non-invasive test for broken strands in ACSR overhead transmission lines. Doctoral research focused on the dynamics of streaming electrification in large power transformers. Control of the cooling system for minimization of the streaming electrification problem was also included.

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