Anil Pahwa


Key words:

Distribution Automation, Distribution System Restoration, Cold Load Pickup, Fault Location, Reliability Based Planning.

Research description:

The main focus of Anil Pahwa's research is analysis of distribution system problems which have direct application in distribution automation. One such problem deals with restoration of distribution system after a long outage which results in load much higher than normal due to cold load pickup. Techniques for determination of the optimal sequence of sections for step-by-step restoration of distribution systems have been investigated. Also, the optimal number of sectionalizers and the optimal size of substation transformer needed for restoration have been determined. Other topics of research include optimal placement of capacitors based on a genetic algorithm, location of faults in distribution systems using statistical techniques, and reliability based planning of distribution systems based on fuzzy logic techniques. Some of the research results have been integrated into a course developed as part of a Combined Research and Curriculum Development project supported by the NSF.

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