Omar Abdalla


Dept. of Electrical Power & Machines Engineering

Faculty of Engineering - Helwan

1 Sherif Street

Helwan, Cairo



Telephone: 002-012-2745855

Fax: 002-02-5558294


Email address:  

Key words:

Control systems, Stability, Power system dynamics, Wind Energy,

Unlisted key words:  Multimachine Systems, Power System Stabilizers, Static VAR Compensators.

Research description:

Coordination of controllers in multimachine power systems. These include both power system stabilizers and static VAR compensators. The objective is to improve power system dynamics. Steady-state and dynamic analyses are employed to determine the best locations and the minimum number of these combined controls in power systems. Conventional and advanced techniques are used. These include conventions eigenvalue and participation factor analyses, and advanced artificial intelligence methods such as expert systems, neural networks and fuzzy logic.

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