M. Hashem Nehrir


Key words:

Distribution system demand side management, Cold load pickup, Power system stability, Alternate power generation, Application of intelligent control.

Research description:

Hashem Nehrir has conducted research in the following areas in the last five years:
  1. Distribution system load management: Electric water heater and space heater modeling and demand-side management strategies for distribution system load leveling (peak load shaving and valley filling). Predicting distribution feeder power demand at steady-state and after a period of power outage (cold load pickup). Application of Intelligent Control strategies, i.e. fuzzy logic, in distribution system load management.
  2. Application of fuzzy logic control for enhancing damping of electromechanical oscillations in power systems.
  3. Power generation from alternative energy sources. Analysis, modeling, and control Unit sizing of stand-alone generating systems

Laboratory Facilities:

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Montana State University has a state of the art electrical machinery, power systems and power electronic laboratory, where research in the above areas are conducted. The laboratory is equipped with 5-kVA motor-generator sets which can be put in parallel to study electromechanical oscillations of electrical machines against each other. It includes modern instrumentation for measurement of a variety of electrical signals and high speed computers used for simulation studies and control. Power electronic research is a major activity in the power laboratory; precise instrumentation is available for monitoring the performance of high speed power switching devices and circuits.

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