Antonello Monti

Associate Professor

Key words:

Power electronics, Motor drives, Computational techniques and Simulation, Control systems

Research description:

Dr. Monti is part of the Virtual Test Bed project team, which focuses on computational simulation and visualization of modern power distribution systems that fully integrate power electronics (noteably the Power Electronic Building Block) into the network design. In particular he developed the VTB interfaces to Matlab/Simulink, Labview and SPICE. He is furthermore involved in the real-time extension of VTB for Hardware in the Loop applications and in the design of tools supporting the automatic generation of VTB native models. His research interests cover also other aspects related with modeling as the application of wavelet for power converter analysis. His industrial experience was focused on digital control of electrical drives-

Laboratory facilities:

Dr. Monti is the responsible of the Real Time and Electromechanics (REM) Laboratory. This laboratory is involved in research about: He also coordinates the group of students developing the software for the Virtual Test Bed

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