Osama Mohammed


Key words:

Electric machinery, Electromagnetics, Intelligent systems, Motor drives, Optimization

Unlisted key words: Marine Power Systems

Research description:

1. Integrated Motor Drives
2. Power Electronics and Marine Power Systems
3. Electric Machinery Design from Numerical Models.
4. Alternate Energy Sources.
5. Computational Electromagnetics and Design Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices
Intelligent Systems Techniques including Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems applied to Design Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices
6. Application of Intelligent Systems to Power Systems Generation, Operations and Control including Load Forecasting and Static and Dynamic Security Assessment
7. Harmonics and Transients Analysis of Power Systems
8. Educational innovations, Asynchronous Learning Environments and Internet-based Educational Techniques in Power Systems and Electromagnetics

Laboratory facilities:

Distributed Simulation Real Time Electromagnetic Analysis and Testing

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