Joy Thomas Meledath

Assistant Professor

Key words:

High voltage engineering, EMTP applications and modeling, Substations

Unlisted key words: Lightning, EMP, Corona, GIS, Pulsed power, EMC

Research description:

Lightning induced overvoltages on multiconductor power distribution lines,telecommunication lines, Influence of ground parameters on lightning induced voltages, Lightning-aircraft interaction studies, EMP simulation, EMC aspects in a GIS during a switching operation, Pulsed power systems for simulation of lightning and EMP. Sensors for measurement of fast transient voltages and currents in the range of us to ns, HV power supplies for underwater acoustic pulse generation, Corona modelling for AC and DC transmission lines, Radiated EMI due to corona on HV lines, Particle location in a GIS using UHF technique, Estmation of transient overvoltages in a GIS during a switching operation.

Laboratory facilities:

3 MV Impulse Voltage generator, 1 MV Cascaded transformers, 250 kV DC set, 200 kA Impulse current Generator, 145 kV Experimental GIS busduct,etc

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