James McCalley

Associate Professor

Key words:

Security, Risk, AI, Control.

Unlisted Key Words: Probability

Research description:

Recent and current research have been focused on security, control, and education. In security, probabilistic methods have been applied in developing risk computational procedures for overload, voltage, and dynamic security assessment, to be used in both operations and planning. Also, neural networks and genetic algorithm have been used in visualization of security levels. Additional work has been done in control design of thyistor controlled series capacitors using traditional methods (residue) and new robust control design methods (mu). Significant effort has also gone into developing a modular WEB-based, multimedia approach to instructional course development called "powerlearn" whereby instuctional modules consisting of student text, simulators, and visual and audio elements are made publically available via the WEB. Finally, work is just beginning on developing mobile software agents to perform distributed data assessment and decision making using internet access to electric power system databases.

Laboratory Facilities:

We have a power area computer laboratory that consists of 8 high-end HP workstations and several PCs.

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