Peter Luh


Key words:

Unit Commitment, Economic Dispatch, Bidding and power transactions, Load forecasting.

Unlisted Key Words: Hydrothermal Coordination

Research description:

Peter Luh is interested in schedule and bid optimization for power systems, and has developed near-optimal and efficient methods for unit commitment, hydro-thermal coordination, load forecasting, energy market clearing price forecasting, and bid generatio n to minimize total costs. He is also interested in planning, scheduling, and coordination of design and manufacturing activities, and has developed a near-optimal and computationally efficient planning and schedule approach to improve on-time completion of products while reducing work-in-progress inventory. Dr. Luh is a Fellow of IEEE, and has been on the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation since 1990 (Technical Editor, Associate Editor, Editor, and Editor-in-Chief designate d), and is an Editor of IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (1996-). He is also an Associate Editor of IIE Transactions on Design and Manufacturing, an Associate Editor of International Journal of Intelligent Control and Systems (1995-), and was an Ass ociate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (1989-91).

Laboratory Facilities:

The Manufacturing Systems Laboratory at the University of Connecticut has been dedicated to manufacturing systems research. It works extensively with industry, and is well known for the planning and scheduling of manufacturing facilities to maximize on-t ime delivery of products while reducing work-in-process inventory. The facilities within the Laboratory include an Ethernet cluster of nine Sun Sparc workstations (2, 10, and Ultra 1), Nine Pentium Pro200 PCs, and two Power Macintoshes. The facilities e xtend to manufacturing plants of Cannondale, Toshiba, Sikorsky, Delta, J. M. Products, Pratt & Whitney, etc., as testbeds for developing advanced planning and scheduling methodologies. The Laboratory also works with Northeast Utilities to develop advance d power system scheduling and transaction methodologies to minimize the total generation costs. The methods developed for manufacturing and power systems are in production use by many companies on a daily basis. The Laboratory is part of UConn's Booth C enter for Computer Applications and Research, and part of Precision Manufacturing Institute.

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