Joao Pecas Lopes

Associate Professor

Key words:

Renewable energy, Security assessment, Intelligent systems, Voltage stability, Genetic algorithms

Unlisted key words: Integration of Dispersed Generation in Distribution Networks

Research description:

  • Development of tools to evaluate impacts related with the integration of dispersed generation , namely in isolated networks.
  • Security assessment regarding dynamic behaviour of isolated systems with large integration of renewable power sources, using itelligent systems.
  • Voltage stability assessment and preventive control using intelligent systems and genetic algorithms.
  • Power quality and regulatory issues.
  • The research was developed within contractual activities, European Union and national research projects.

    Laboratory facilities:

    Research is being developed within the Power Systems Unit of INESC Porto. The Unit has available 14 Pentium PCs, several Sun workstations and one Alfa workstation. Simulation software is available, namely PSS/E-26.2.3 and EUROSTAG.

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