Fred Lee


Key words:

Power electronics research and characterization

Research description:

VPEC major research areas include:
  1. High-frequency power conversion
  2. Distributed power systems
  3. Power semiconductor devices and power ICs
  4. Power quality and power factor correction
  5. Motor drives analog/digital control
  6. Space power systems
  7. Modeling and analysis/CAD tools
  8. High frequency magnetics
  9. Power electronics packaging
Recent research includes but is not limited to power management issues for the purpose of powering the next generation of Intel and other similar low voltage and high speed processors, the scope of which includes power system architecture, converter topologies, active and passive components, control IC design, power distribution, and packaging.

Laboratory Facilities:

VPEC research facilities include over 11,000 square feet of laboratory space with state-of-the-art equipment. The Research Laboratory contains general purpose and specialized research equipment and facilities. The Computation Laboratory houses workstations, high-resolution printer, plotter, color scanner, color printer, inkjet color printer/copier. The Power Electronics Packaging Lab provides comprehensive capability for developing state-of-the-art technologies for packaging power electronics. VPEC also contains an EMI Laboratory.

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